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Dear Syria Solidarity Activist:

As you know, more than 400,000 people are starving and being bombed on a daily basis in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta, while world powers collaborate behind the scenes with the Assadist forces to foster the pretence that "de-escalation" agreements between Assad, Russia and Turkey have brought an end to the war. Yet the children, the sick, women and men continue to be starved, bombed and denied medical care.

Meanwhile, other attacks on Free Syrians continue in Idlib and beyond, even as the Assad regime and its benefactors promote a fictitious "peace process" in Sochi that aims at nothing more than the division of the country into the hands of those who have most oppressed Free Syrians.

In collaboration with activists in Ghouta, we are organizing a #2ndDayofRage4Syria, this coming Sunday, January 7th, 2018.

We are asking activists around the world to organize vigils, rallies and other solidarity activities on or around this day; to take photos and make videos of their actions, and share these with the hashtag, #2ndDayofRage4Syria, and/or share them on the facebook event page 

We want to encourage everyone to organize actions, regardless of limitations of participants, resources or timing: No effort is too small - even vigils of only two to three people are very important! Where resources are limited, please consider creative actions which can then be amplified via photos and videos shared on social media. Past solidarity actions for Syria have included everything from traditional marches, rallies, vigils and sit-ins to flash-mobs to photo tours (where a couple of activists can photograph themselves with protest signs in various identifying landmarks of their city) - anything that can both raise awareness in your city and demonstrate solidarity to the Syrians still struggling on the ground. 

Our demands to break the sieges and end the bombings, free political prisoners and account for all the disappeared are demands on all parties responsible for the continuation of the Assad regime's war against the Syrian people, so please feel free to target your action at any relevant site that is accessible to you in your area.

East Ghouta is starving, and the world is silent. Let us raise our voices as loudly as we can.

 In solidarity,

Antiwar Committees in Solidarity with the Struggles for Self Determination