Revive the Peace

Movement Network

  • Drop Food Not Bombs

Call for the U.N. to defy Assad sieges.  If it won't act call for U.S. or U.K airdrops of food.  Sign the petition created by CODEPINK.

  • A Complete Ceasefire All Over Syria

In a political struggle democratic forces can organize and win

  • Call for a Release of All Prisoners

Thousands are being tortured in Assad prisons

  • Give Refuge to Refugees

Syrians want to return home, but until it's safe for them to do so all countries should treat refugees decently and with regard to international law

  • Recognize that by far the worst foreign intervention is from Russia and Iran

Demonstrate and boycott against Russian and other help to the regime

  • Insist that all foreign military forces be withdrawn - from Russia to Saudi Arabia to the U.S. to Hezbollah

  • An accounting for all war crimes

  • No great power dictated forced coalition of popular and tyrannical forces

  • The Left should join with Syrians in demonstrations for peace and justice.  We opposed U.S. intervention in Syria 2013.  We must oppose the horrific sieges, barrel bombs and devastation now

What We Should Call for In Syria - Stanley Heller, Promoting Enduring Peace