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  ​Is What We Need Another Giant Climate March?

It’s an impressive list of organizations sponsoring the April 29 People’s Climate March.  It’s called a “mobilization”, but it’s unclear what beyond a gigantic march is being planned.  We already had one immense climate march with 400,000 in New York City in 2014 which purposely had no united “demands”.  That, perhaps, was good for gaining numbers, but what did it actually accomplish?
The Obama Administration was pushed a bit and made a show of doing something at the Paris Climate talks.  In Obama’s last month in office he did put a lot of Federal land (on and off shore) in the last month of Obama’s presidency and may not be reversible.  At the very last moment he had the Army Corps of Engineers slow down approval of DAPL. However, it should also be remembered that as the Guardian points out through the ” US Export-Import Bank, Barack Obama’s administration has spent nearly $34bn supporting 70 fossil fuel projects around the world.”  $34 billion!

Obama could have done something momentous after the election by simply dropping U.S. government opposition to James Hansen’s lawsuit demanding meaningful climate action.  Obama could have agreed to a settlement that would incorporate far reaching changes, but he didn’t and oddly no one other than Hansen is talking about it.

So what will be accomplished by another immense crowd walking down empty streets?  Certainly Trump doesn’t care what we think. 
What if a quarter or an eighth of the climate activist multitude took part in action that would actually disrupt the profit making of the fossil fuel collaborating banks? 

What else could have a real effect in the age of Trump?