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Stop pretending you can't act immediately to save Syrians


The UN says it has run out of words on Syria, but we, the undersigned, certainly have not run out of them for the governments, parliamentarians, electorates and opinion leaders of the powers on whom the international legal order has depended for decades.


There is an abundance of synonyms to describe this blatant unwillingness to stop a carnage that has ravaged the lives of the people of Syria like an ever stronger tsunami, in slow motion and yet in full view of a global audience which has seen it all but pretended it was powerless to do a single thing.


Even the measly resolutions passed by the Security Council are useless, fig leaves to attempt protecting the legacies of this inglorious body which shamelessly decided several years ago to even stop counting dead Syrians. After seven years, these nations are united only in detached apathy.


We will not insult your intelligence by enumerating every atrocious crime the Assad regime has committed, aided by local and foreign militias, by Iranian strategic and financial aid, by Russia’s air force, and by international indifference. We need not remind people of your intellect the revolting public positions taken by the passive enablers of these massive crimes, who watched and then deliberately looked away. We don't have to repeat the gory events or the victim numbers that fail to account for thousands still buried under the rubble and gone missing in Assad’s barbaric jails.


Syrians were shot and killed in broad daylight for protesting injustice. They were imprisoned, tortured and executed. They were shelled and bombed with sophisticated ballistic missiles and crude barrel bombs. They were besieged. They were humiliated and raped. They were displaced and dispossessed. They were gassed.


In response, those who could act instead pretended to wring their hands and to wish this outrageously named “civil war” would end, repeatedly calling on “all parties” to sit at tables throughout the world even as aid agencies pleaded for action and Syrians begged for mercy. How telling that the only Syrians they noticed and loudly vowed to take action on were desolate refugees fleeing this Assad-made hell.


Today, as Idlib and Afrin burn, the inevitable is unfolding in Ghouta, the huge open air concentration camp about to enter its fifth year under siege. What happens next is predictable not because it takes great analytical foresight, but because it has already happened repeatedly throughout Syria over seven bloody years. After holding hundreds of thousands hostage, blocking food, medicine and aid of any kind from reaching desperate people, Assad carpet bombs the area hysterically for weeks, before sending in the tanks and letting his mercenaries finish off the last semblance of rebellion to his savage rule, before forcibly displacing those he hasn’t yet exterminated in a defiant communitarian redrawing of entire regions, under the guise of humanitarian evacuations.


This is the savagery Staffan De Mistura dares to call “tit for tat.”


While there are no illusions any longer about the role of the Security Council, every member state has nevertheless adopted and pledged to uphold the Responsibility to Protect doctrine, under the UN’s Office on Genocide Prevention. The genocide of the Syrian people could have been prevented, and can now only be ended by the elected and appointed members of democratic bodies, surely honor and duty bound to exercise their responsibility to protect the populations whose national authorities manifestly failed to protect from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.


So what will it take?


The agony of the people of Syria must come to an end. It must be forcibly stopped. The perpetrators of these massive, abhorrent crimes against humanity must be halted once and for all in their deadly tracks. There are hundreds of geopolitical reasons for taking action against the barbaric aggressors on the Syrian people, but none are as remotely important as the sanctity of life and the free will with which every human being, as you all so often preach, is born.


To their misfortune, Syrians dared to believe in these sanctimonious platitudes, and they dared to believe that while their struggle for dignity was theirs alone, they wouldn’t be abandoned to a fate unimaginable in an era of space explorations and artificial intelligence. Today, appealing once more to the ethics and the codes of moral conduct on which democracy and international law are built, we ask you to act now to stop the Syrian genocide: demand an immediate ceasefire, an immediate lifting of all sieges, immediate access for relief aid agencies, and immediate protection of Syrian lives.

Endorsed by:

Yassin Al-Haj Saleh, writer, Berlin
Robin Yassin-Kassab, writer, Scotland
Rime Allaf, Writer
Leila Al Shami, Syrian writer and human rights activist, UK
Mohammad Al Attar, Syrian Playwright, Berlin
Michel Kilo, Syrian writer and Politician, Paris
Moncef Marzouki, Former President of Tunisia
Burhan Ghalioun, Academician and Thinker, Paris
Karam Nachar, Syrian Writer and Academic, Istanbul
Mohammad Ali Atassi, Journalist and Filmmaker, Beirut
Ossama Mohammed, Filmmaker, Paris
Yasmin Fedda, Filmmaker, UK
Fadel Abdul Ghany, Chairperson of the Syrian Network for Human Rights
Ebrahim Alyousef, President of Human Rights Association in Syria, Germany
Nisrin Al Zahre, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris
Nadia Aissaoui, Sociologist, Paris
Leila Nachawati Rego, Writer, Spain
Hala Mohammad, Syrian Poet, Paris
Afra Jalabi, Syrian Writer, Canada
Mohja Kahf, Syrian writer
Yasser Munif, Emerson College
Mohammed Hanif, Writer and Journalist, Polish Academy of Sciences
Samih Choukaer, Syrian Musician, Paris
Professor, Martti Koskenniemi, University of Helsinki
Professor Gilbert Achcar, SOAS
Professor Nader Hashemi, University of Denver
Professor François Burgat, Institut de Recherches et d’Etudes sur le Monde Arabe et Musulman (IREMAM), Aix-en-Provence
Professor Fawaz A. Gerges, London School of Economics
Professor Mutaz Al Khatib, Writer, Syria
Professor Joseph Bahout, Carnegie Endowment
Professor Michael Nagler
Professor Ziad Majed, Political Scientist, Paris
Professor Wendy Pearlman, Northwestern University
Professor Steven Heydeman, Smith College
Professor Joe Schwartzberg, University of Minnesota
Professor Murhaf Jouejati
Professor Lars Chittka
Professor Amr Al-Azm
Professor Ghassan Hage, Melbourne University
Professor Ahmed Barqawi, Palestinian-Syrian
Professor Jamie Mayerfeld, University of Washington
Professor Stephen Zunes, University of San Francisco
Professor Anna Kathrin Bleuler, University of Salzburg
Professor Carola Lentz,, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Professor Dr. Love Ekenberg, UNESCO Chair, Stockholm University, Sweden
Professor Dr. Annie Sparrow, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai
Christoph Reuter, Journalist, Germany
Janine di Giovanni, Edward R.Murrow Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations
Haid Haid, Syrian Researcher, Chatham House, London
Yassin Swehat, Syrian Journalist, Istanbul
Loubna Mrie, Syrian Journalist, New York
Rafat Alzakout, Theater Director and Documentary Filmmaker, Berlin
Khaldoun al Nabwani, Writer and Academician, Paris
Abdul Wahab Badrakhan, Journalist, UK
Ghayath Almadhoun, Poet, Palestine, Syria – Sweden
Subhi Hadidi, Writer, Syria-France
Stephen R. Shalom, New Politics
Barry Finger, New Politics
Jason Schulman, New Politics
Omar Kaddor, Writer, France
Najati Tayara, Intellectual, Syria – Paris
Hazami Zhour, Intellectual, Syria
Marcelle Shehwaro, Syrian Activist, Istanbul
Kenan Rahmani, Syrian Campaigner
Muhammad Idrees Ahmed, University of Stirling
Lydia Wilson, University of Oxford
Thomas Pierret, Researcher, CNRS, France
Kelly Grotke, Writer/Academic, Visiting Scholar at Cornell University
Danny Postel, Northwestern University
Stephen Hastings-King, Writer/Researcher, MA
Anna Nolan, human rights campaigner
Rafif Jouejati, FREE-Syria
Rami Al-Jarrah, Journalist, Turkey
Shiyam Galyon, Books Not Bombs
Miream Salameh, Syrian refugee & Visual Artist, Melbourne
Ammar Abdulhamid, Syrian-American Author and Activist
Senay Ozden, Researcher, Istanbul
Faraj Bairakdar, Poet, Stockholm
Hanna Himo, Syrian Poet, Stockholm
Theo Horesh, Author and Journalist, Colorado
Fares Helou, Syrian Actor, Paris
Vladimir Tarnopolsky, Musician, Russia
Sarah Hunaidi, Writer, Chicago.
Véronique Nahoum-Grappe, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, France
Husam Alkatlaby, Human Rights Activist, The Netherlands
Assem Al Basha, Syrian Sculptor, Spain
Maen Albayari‏, Journalist, Jordan
Michael Karadjis, Western Sydney University
Stefan Tarnowski, Translator
Mutasem Syoufi, The Day After
Najib Ghadbian, Academic and Activist
Ammar Abd Rabbo, Journalist
Laila Alodaat, Lawyer, UK
Fares Albahra, Syrian Poet and Psychiatrist, Berlin
Paweł Machcewicz, Polish Academy of Sciences
James Simpson, Harvard University
Sarah Kilani, Doctor, France
Ibrahim Al-Jabeen, Al-Arab, Germany
Charles Davis, Writer, Los Angeles
Marie-Thérèse Kiriaky, Social Activist
Pastor David Tatgenhorst, Philadelphia, PA
Necati Sönmez, Filmmaker, Turkey
Francesca Scalinci, Independent Scholar, Italy
Kris Manjapra, Fellow, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin; Associate Professor, Tufts University
Zeynep Kıvılcım, Institute for Advanced Study, Berlin.
Housamedden Darwish, Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Oriental Studies, Dept of Philosophy, University of Cologne
Qianfan Zhang, Peking University
Lisa Herzog, Hochschule für Politik München
Barbara Hobson, Stockholm, Odengatan.
Alice von Bieberstein, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin.
H Glenn Penny, University of Iowa
Katharina Wiedemann, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin
Andreas Diekmann, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, Switzerland
Andres Staire, Musician, Wissenschaftskolleg Zu Berlin
Sadek Abed Alrahman, Journalist; Istanbul
Amr Shannan, IT Engineer and Activist, Istanbul
Nour al-Hussen Villa, Santiago de Compostela
Salam Alhaj Hasan, Bochum, Germany
Habib Nassar, Lawyer and Activist, Amsterdam
Hussam Eddin Mohammad, Alquds Alarabi, UK
Nouri Al-Jarrah, Al-Arab, UK
Khaldoun Al-Shamaa, Al-Jadeed, UK
Ahmad Omar, Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed, Germany
Abdallah Maksour, Writer, Belgium
Wael Sawah, Writer, USA
Khaled Al-Nasseri, Al-Mutawasset, Italy
Sana Al-Aloul, Alquds Alarabi, UK
Mufeed Najm, Writer and Teacher, Kuwait
Christin Lüttich, Political Scientist, Berlin
Ahmad Barkawi, Teacher, UAE
Basheer Albakr, Al-Arabi Aljadeed, UK
Rehab Chaker, Syrian-Dutch Translator, The Netherlands
Désanne van Brederode, Dutch Philosopher and Writer, The Netherlands
Jurgen Maas, Dutch Publisher, The Netherlands
Marjolein Wijnincks, Dutch Arabist, The Netherlands
Hanny Wieles, Dutch Language Teacher, The Netherlands
Oz Katerji, Journalist
Naomí Ramírez Díaz, Translator and Researcher, Madrid
Santiago Alba Rico, Writer and Thinker, Tunisia
Rosa Yassin Hassan, Syrian Novelist, Hamburg
Indira Mattar, Journalist, Lebanon
Mohamad Khouli, Syrian American Forum, Minnesota
Elsa Wiehe, Academic
Shilpa Jindia, Journalist
Inga Geipel, Biologist, Berlin
Viktoriya Sereda, Associate Professor, Ukrainian Catholic University
Luca Giuliani, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin
Catherine Wilson, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin
Ghalia Kabbani, Syrian Journalist and Writer, London
Fadel Sultani, Iraqi Poet and Writer, London
Yasser Khanger. Poet, Occupied Syrian Golan
Mahmoud Mahmoud, Physician, Occupied Syrian Golan, Germany
Turki Amer, Poet, Palestine
Randa Maddah, Artist, Occupied Syrian Golan
Moheeb Barghuthi, Poet, Palestine
Raed Wahesh, Writer and Journalist, Palestine-Syria
Ali Mawassi, Poet and Editor, Palestine
Fares  Albahra, Syrian Poet and Psychiatrist, Berlin
Yamen Hussein: Syrian Poet, Munich
Abdulrahman Alhallak, Syrian Writer and Teacher, Kuwait
Hala Alabdalla, Syrian Filmmaker, Paris
Anthony Merjan, Syrian-Swedish Association, Stockholm
Murhaf Fares, Syrian Peace Action Centre, SPACE, Oslo
Zeina Bali, Syrian Peace Action Centre, SPACE, Oslo
Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani, Professor Emeritus, ETH Zürich.
Joel Hubrecht, Jurist, France
Marc Hakim, Doctor, France
Chibli Mallat‏, Lawyer, Beirut
Bárbara Azaola Piazza, Academician, UCLM, Spain
Özhan Önder, Hamisch Syrian Cultural Center, Istanbul
Eric Ruder, Journalist, Socialist Worker (U.S.)
Sean Keith, Restaurant Manager, United States
Tim Fieblinger, Lund University, Sweden
Khaled Hourani, Artist, Palestine
Bayan Shbib, Theater-Maker, Palestine
Karama Abu Saleh, Lawyer, Occupied Syrian Golan
Rasha Hilwi, Writer and Journalist, Palestine
Huda Diban, Poet, Palestine, Syria
Fahed Halabi, Artist
Reem Talhami, Artist, Palestine
Ala Hlehel, Writer, Palestine
Khawla Ibraheem, Actress and Director, Occupied Syrian Golan
Maha Ighbaria, Palestine
Aram Abusaleh, Activist, Occupied Syrian Golan
Tareq Alarabi, Poet, Palestine
Ali Abu Awad, General Surgeon, Occupied Syrian Golan
Maya Rahabi, Syrian Novelist and Writer, Paris
Marwan Ali, Poet, Germany
Adam Sabra, UC Santa Barbara
Sam Charles Hamad, Writer, UK
Isaac Miller, Writer, US
Dan La Botz, New Politics
Sara Mannheimer, Writer, Glassblower, Stockholm, Sweden
Fredrika Linder, Artist, Nacka, Sweden
Björner Torsson, Writer, Vamlingbo, Sweden
Eva Runefelt, Writer, Stockholm, Sweden
Magnus William-Olsson, Writer, Stockholm, Sweden
Daphné Keramidas, Visual Artist, Stockholm, Sweden
Eva Björkander-Mannheimer, Phil.lic., Gothenburg, Sweden
Annika Thor, Writer, Stockholm, Sweden
Jan Henrik Swahn, Writer, Stockholm, Sweden
Jörgen Lind, Writer, Gothenburg, Sweden
Katarina Nitsch, Artist and Senior Lecturer, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm
Laurent Dan Moeri,, Switzerland
Dror Feiler, Musician, Composer, Artist, and Activist, Sweden, Stockholm
Kholod Saghir, Producer, Uppsala, Sweden
Otto Mannheimer, Critic, Cairo, Egypt
Mahmoud al-Rimawi, Writer, Jordan
Wolf Lepenies, Permanent Fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg Zu Berlin
Saad Bintiflah Alajmi, Academic & Former Minister, Kuwait
Haytham Khoury, Physician and Political Activist
Maher Masoud, Syrian Writer, Berlin
Pamela Slotte, Åbo Akademi University, Finland
Ann-Marie Tung Hermelin, Writer, Stockholm, Sweden
Johanne Lykke Holm, Writer, Copenhagen, Denmark
Massood Mafan, Translator, Uppsala, Sweden
Johanna Schartau, Artist and Filmmaker, Glemmingebro, Sweden
Anna Jansson, Translator, Stockholm, Sweden
Lina Ekdahl, Writer, Gothenburg, Sweden
Anna-Karin Palm, Writer, Nacka, Sweden
Catherine Coquio, Educator and Researcher
Cecilia Roos, Dancer, Stockholm, Sweden
Khashayar Naderehvandi, Poet, Gothenburg, Sweden
Morten Søndergaard, Poet, Paris, France
Kerstin Munck, Senior Lecturer, Stockholm, Sweden.
Johan Petri, Director, Stockholm, Sweden
Hanna Hallgren, Poet, Hägersten, Sweden
Lisa Åkesson, Lecturer, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Polly Kellogg, Minneapolis, MN
Gail Daneker, Activist, St. Paul, MN
Ed Sutton, Antidote Writers Collective, Minneapolis, MN
Comité Syrie-Europe après Alep
Bakr Sidki, Writer and Translator, Gaziantep
Samantha Falciatori, Activist and Blogger
Patrick Hilsman, Journalist and Researcher, NYC
Terry Burke, Minnesota Committee in Solidarity with the People of Syria (CISPOS)
Andrew Berman, Minnesota Committee in Solidarity with the People of Syria (CISPOS)
Mary Rizzo, Translator-Activist and Blogger, Italy
Tristan Sloughter, writer, USA
Kathleen McKay
Ian Keith, Educator, St. Paul, MN
Stanley Heller, television news host, USA
Mahmoud Murad, member of Solidarity & RefugeeHub, Sydney
Khaled Sattouf, Syrian activist, Sydney
Mark Goudkamp, member of Solidarity & Refugee Action Coalition Sydney
Alex Johnson: Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney (STICS) & Jura Collective
Austin G Mackell, former Mid East journalist, founder and CEO of Write In Stone pty ltd, Sydney
Suraina Pasha, journalist
Ruth Riegler, writer, editor
Andrew Pollack, Human Rights Activist
Judith Hempfling, Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA
Anno Bunnik, Researcher, University of Groningen
Adham Sahloul, Syrian American