Revive the Peace

Movement Network

The people of Iraq want to run their own affairs.  They resisted the U.S. occupation and installation of a sectarian and increasingly corrupt government.  They also do not want Iran running their country.  For months there have been demonstrations which have been brutally put down by Iraqi military forces and Iranian-obeying militias.  Over 500people have been killed.

  • Bring U.S. troops and contractors out of Iraq
  • End Trump threats to confiscate or freeze Iraqi government money in U.S. banks.
  • The Iraqi people are telling us to get out, so GO.
  • Iraq protesters want a new government not a reshuffling of the same old corrupt, sectarian ministers
  • Iran, stop pulling strings in Iraq
  • Iran, no more Iraqis sent to Syria to suppress the people
  • #IraqProtest