Macho types like to beat their chests and yell, "Kill 'em all".  They might consider these facts.

As Newsweek reports North Korea has 1,100,000 active duty soldiers and 7 million reserve soldiers, 3,500 tanks and 21,000 artillery pieces and nukes.  If you recall their grandfathers in the 1950's fought the U.S. and its allies and puppets to a draw despite losing 400,000 soldiers and witnessing the burning down of every one of their cities. 

There are 130,000 Americans living in South Korea at any one time.   There are 28,000 U.S. soldiers in South Korea.   They would be sitting ducks if the U.S. did a blitzkrieg on North Korea. 

And even though Korea is far, far from the U.S. mainland, the smoke from burning Korean cities could cause huge crop failures worldwide.  One expert estimated that could lead to 100 million deaths  or more.  If the war spread to Japan and China and Russia, the sky's the limit.

This is not to support the Kim dynasty in any way, just to explain that war in Korea would be a very, very bad idea.

This is the RPM resolution on Korea adopted October 2017

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