Revive the Peace

Movement Network

Initial Endorsers in 2016=2017

CODEPINK , the Middle East Crisis Committee (CT)  Voices for Creative Non-Violence,  Campaign for Peace and Democracy  , Middle East North Africa Solidarity Network (U.S.), Capitalism Vs. the Climate, Promoting Enduring Peace,  the International Socialist Organization , Global Campaign for Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution, Solidarity, and authors Lenni Brenner and Sam Farber, and Bishop John Selders of Moral Mondays CT, Frank Panzarella, musician, activist, Paula Friedland Panzarella, poet and community, environmental, anti-war activist, Mark Colville, Amistad Catholic Worker,  Rev. David Good, Tree of Life Education Fund, Nidal Bitari, Programs Manager at People Demand Change PDC, Joseph Daher, Syrian Swiss leftist activist, founder of the blog Syria Freedom Forever, Ramah Kudaimi, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, War Resisters League