Israel’s Actions Against the Defenseless Occupied Population of Palestine is a Pornography of Terrorism and an Affront to Humanity

 by  Juliana Hamada, MECC

 May 10, 2016.  What does the face of terrorism look like?

 February 23, 2016, Ayeesha Jamhour, 17, from Beit Anan, Occupied Palestine, was traversing the high security crossing between central Palestine and Jerusalem, the place called Qalandia.

 She had come home from school a while earlier, and told her mother she would be going to visit her cousin of the same age who lives in East Jerusalem, and after taking two buses she arrived at the Qalandia crossing.  It was a cold day and starting to get dark on this late winter day. 

 When she reached into her handbag to produce her “hawiya” residency identification card, she was violently arrested.

 The soldiers claimed she had a knife.

 She had no knife or any other kind of weapon.

 Fortunately for Ayeesha, the violence consisted of her being thrown to the ground, handcuffed in a painful position, thrown into the back of a military police jeep and taken away.  At least she was not shot or beaten terribly as so many are.

 So, she was arrested.  She was imprisoned in Ofer, the Israeli prison in the Palestinian city of Beituniya and has been held at Ofer Prison awaiting some kind of resolution of her case.  Since she is unwilling to confess to something she did not do, she is stuck there.  No trial.  No lawyer.  No visits from family. No school.  No freedom. 

Is this the face of a terrorist?

“Criminalizing the dusty soccer hands of… boys, Israel’s soldiers expose the invisible sites of racism where all…Palestinian children are born criminals.

The legal and social narratives that produce such state brutality and its enactment in the streets, neighborhoods, homes, and schools of…Occupied Palestine are not new.”

Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, “Clowns in Palestine Cry: The Occupied Bodies and Lives   of Jerusalem’s Children,” Institute for Palestine Studies, Vol. 45, No.2, (p.15). online journal, accessed 5/9/16  

But perhaps we are looking into the wrong faces, to find the “face” of terrorism

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At the upper limit of the childhood age range of birth to age 18, Ayeesha is vulnerable, but perhaps not in such a sorry state as are other children.  Israel has a track record of arresting Palestinians, and children are not exempt, and are subject to beatings and ill treatment.  As of this writing, there are 740 Palestinian children in Israeli prisons.  If Ayeesha’s face is not the face of terrorism, Are these?