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Movement Network

Condemn the Assad Regime for Sarin Gas Attacks

and the Besieging of Hundreds of Thousands in Syria

In April British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and a number of anti-war activists and groups held back from condemning Assad forces for the chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun.  He and others called for an independent UN investigation.  He did insist that "those responsible must be held to account".

The  Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons did conduct an independent  investigation and found that sarin gas had been used and the UN’s Joint Investigative Mechanism recently released the results of its independent investigation attributing responsibility for the attack to Assad’s forces.
Outrageously instead of the UN moving to punish the guilty parties, a Russian veto has ended the UN's Joint Investigative Mechanism panel that investigates charges of chemical attacks.  We call for this decision to be reversed immediately.
We call on all those who held back from condemning Assad forces for the April sarin attack to speak out now.  We call on those who doubted Assad responsibility for the over one thousand dead in the 2013 sarin attack to reevaluate their position.  

Siege Watch reports that as of this summer 800,000 remained under siege and bombing in Syria, half in Eastern Ghouta.  UN relief is routinely and illegally denied. We call for a constant attention to this in the Left media and pressure to get corporate media to report on this awful situation.

We must never give up on Syrians.    We deny that solidarity efforts with Syrians make Western intervention more possible. We must support civilian rights and welfare in Syria.

​​adopted 11/28/2017

Abdulhamid Al-Yousef holding his twins killed in the April 2017 sarin attack