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Trumps Lies about Cubans in Venezuela
Recycled from 1983

The Cubans are Coming!   The Cubans are Coming!.  So said Trump and Bolton this week. National Security Adviser
John Bolton said Cuban troops were keeping Maduro in power.  No evidence was given, of course.

The nonsense is a reworking of hysteria of 35 years ago.

Back in 1983 the Reagan Administration make wild charges that the Cuban’s were taking over the little island of Granada.  It was one of the BS excuses for a U.S. invasion by 6,000 troops.  Claims were made that there were
600 Cubans on the island, no there 1100 Cubans!  According to famed reporter Bob Woodward in his 1987 book “Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA”,  President Reagan said a major military bastion was being created there to “export terror and undermine democracy”.  (p.248)  Even after Grenada had been conquered Reagan claimed there were hundreds of Cuban soldiers hiding in the hills.

Woodward contradicted this with the Pentagon’s own information.  “Early Sunday morning, October 30, analysts from the various agencies gathered at the Pentagon. By evening they had finished a classified assessment of about ten pages that was immediately printed and circulated. Casey received his copy on Monday. It flatly contradicted the President, Casey himself and the Pentagon’s public pronouncements. According to the assessment, there were no Cubans in the hills—all had been killed or captured by the 6,000 U.S. troops. The early overestimate resulted from interviews with the first Cuban prisoners, and from exaggerations of the opposition forces by inexperienced U.S. troops. Second, the assessment said that the caches of arms and weapons on Grenada were for the army and the militia and were not sufficient or intended to be used in Third, the Cuban construction workers were not combat troops in disguise, though they had some weapons training and did fight.” (p.250)

New York Times said this about the story of the claim of the terror bastion,  “Reporters who visited warehouses that the Administration said were filled with Soviet and Cuban weapons found significant stockpiles of Soviet arms but also a number of antiquated guns, including rifles manufactured in the 1870's.”

FAIR remembers, "Stuart Taylor, Jr., writing in the New York Times (11/6/83) about US intelligence, reported that initial claims of the numbers of Cubans on the island were greatly inflated. “Over three days the Pentagon estimate of the number of Cuban fighters who had met the invading force seems to have plunged from more than 1,000 to fewer than 200, including the estimated 30 to 70 Cubans who were killed.”