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Meeting on 10/24/17 RPM endorsed the "Public Statement in Defense of Syria's Detained" and issued its own statement "No War in Korea!"

The Public Statement on Prisoners in Syria October 2017


Tens of thousands of Syrians are disappeared. While armed groups have also captured and detained civilians, the Assad regime is responsible for the overwhelming majority of detentions, and there is no shortage of evidence on the terrible suffering of those imprisoned by the regime. Responsibility for this tragedy also lies with the parties negotiating Syria's future in Geneva and Astana, where voices from the democratic opposition are excluded, and with the larger international community, the member states of the United Nations, for failing to exert pressure on behalf of the detainees. In Assad's dungeons, which Amnesty International has characterized as extermination camps, detainees, among them women and children, are subjected to inhuman conditions, rape, torture and death. For the families of the disappeared, the uncertainty is also torture. It is unconscionable that the world remain silent in the face of these terrible crimes.

Silence is betrayal.

We will not participate in this betrayal.

 We declare our solidarity with Syria's detainees and disappeared both on principle and in recognition that the brutal repression of a democratic struggle by the Assad regime sows the seeds of violent extremism. We urge all anti-war, human rights and progressive activists to consider the August 2, 2017 letter to Mr. Staffan de Mistura, United Nations Special Envoy for Syria, by 169 Syrian civil society groups:

 "Syrian civil society activities are essential in the fight against extremism. Moderate voices – as we represent – have the power to push back against the extremist forces and fill the vacuum on the ground. But to be able to do so, we need the international community to protect our ability to assist and serve our people."

The alternative to the never-ending bloody farce of the War on Terror, as carried out by all state actors, from the US to Russia, from Israel to Iran and the Assad regime, and to violent sectarian terrorism, is unconditional solidarity with the struggles for human rights and democracy.

 We consider neglect of the demands raised by the 169 Syrian Civil Society Organizations in regards to detainees to be inexcusable:

 "Ensure that concrete progress on humanitarian access, the detainee file and forced displacement is at the heart of the Geneva negotiations. In particular, we call on you [Staffan de Mistura} to fulfil your mandate and ensure progress on the detainee file including by securing (i) a comprehensive plan for the release of detainees beyond small-scale prisoner exchanges; (ii) information about the fates of all Syrians forcibly disappeared; (iii) access by international monitors to all detention facilities; and (iv) a halt to execution orders, particularly in regime security and military facilities, as well as in those run by armed groups."

 The Assad regime has refused to even entertain the possibility of granting access for international monitors to Syrian detention centers, and we must conclude the regime's denial is confirmation of systematic gross violations of human rights.

 Given the failure of the negotiating parties and of the international community to act on behalf of the detained and disappeared, we raise our voices in solidarity with the forsaken and with their families.

 Recently five brave Syrian women, some former detainees themselves, who represented the grass-roots organization Families for Freedom, organized a vigil at the fourth round of the Geneva talks and presented a list of demands on the international community to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (…/statement-on-the-human-rights-situation…/).

We the undersigned support these demands:

 "1) the Syrian government and all warring parties to immediately release a list of names of all detainees, along with their current location and status, and to immediately stop torture. In the case of death of a detainee, a death certificate along with a report on causes of death and burial location must be presented to the families.

 2) the Syrian government to allow international humanitarian organizations to immediately deliver food and medical aid, and to grant access to international rights groups into detention facilities for a thorough monitoring of living conditions in order to guarantee that civil detention facilities meet healthy living standards.

 3) the Syrian government to abolish exceptional courts, especially field, war and counter-terrorism courts and guarantee fair trials."

 We the undersigned support the demands raised by Families for Freedom because they are fundamental to the human rights of the detained and their families. We do not consider these demands to be exhaustive. We stand for the release of all political prisoners and for justice for those tortured and murdered by the regime, or by armed groups.

 An injury to one is an injury to all. We stand in solidarity

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No War in Korea!

President Trump has threatened to “totally destroy North Korea,” a terrible threat to kill 25 million people.  For its part North Korea has threatened to use nuclear weapons.  These provocations have gone beyond incendiary language.  There have been constant weapons’ tests, war games, fly-bys, arms build-ups, and shows of force.  A nuclear war in Korea would kill millions of Koreans and it could rapidly spread to other areas.  Even if such a war could somehow be confined to Korea, the radioactivity and the crop failures due to the massive number of particles thrown into the atmosphere would be fatal to untold numbers of people.  It must not happen.

  • We demand that U.S. leaders stop using the rhetoric of annihilation and genocide;
  •  We condemn criminal language like “nothing is off the table,” which implies first strikes and the extermination of civilians;
  • We demand that the Trump administration announce that the U.S. will not launch a nuclear first strike against North Korea or any other country;
  •  We demand that the U.S. government immediately begin negotiations with Pyongyang and Seoul to reduce tensions on the Korean peninsula. One possible beginning is the “Freeze for a Freeze” idea: No more North Korean nuclear and long range missile tests in exchange for a halt to U.S.-South Korean joint military exercises. Negotiations should aim to bring the Korean War of 1950-1953 – for which there has never been a formal peace treaty  - to an end and prepare for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Korea.
  •  We demand that these negotiations be PUBLIC so we can really see what the parties are proposing;
  •  We demand that Washington clean its own house. This means engaging in good-faith efforts to achieve full nuclear disarmament, as required by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty; admitting that its Israeli ally possesses nuclear weapons and calling for a true nuclear-free zone in the Middle East; and stopping its efforts to undermine the Iran nuclear deal;
  •  We demand that North Korea cease its provocative and illegal threats of pre-emptive attacks and its dangerous military tests;
  •  We demand the removal of the provocative Thaad missile defense system from South Korea ;
  •  We demand that Congress formally remind the president that under the U.S. Constitution only Congress can declare war and that going to war on his own say-so is an impeachable offense;
  • We demand that the United States government end its massive military build-up and transfer funds to devastated Puerto Rico, to health care, to education, and to other social needs.

​adopted 10/24/2017