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"Stop U.S.-Backed Coup in Venezuela.
Let the Venezuelan People Decide Their Own Future"

Call Democratic Members of Congress.  Almost All Have Been Silent.

Ask Them Why They Want to Help Trump Steal a Country.


The Coup has Been a Fiasco.  Why Don't the "Progressives" Shout It?

Bolton Lies about Cuba Recycled from 1983

Listen to Democracy Now 5/2/19, debate between

member of Maduro government and a Venezuelan dissident

Click here for May 1 statement by a Venezuelan socialist party - PSL

The Venezuelan Crisis - Dissent

Venezuelan Socialist Speaks to Middle Eastern Socialists

March 11. "The first conclusion is that the economic policies implemented by Chávez were exciting and did lead to major poverty relief, but they weren’t socialist measures as much as he’d like to say they were, and they were, at their heart, unstable.  A set of economic policies were established that have decreased national sovereignty over production, augmented the levels of state and businesses’ corruption, and taken the country to a breaking point of unprecedented characteristics."

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Interview with Venezuelan Oil Worker Union Leader

José Bodas Lugo, February 19.  "Yes, in Venezuela we are experiencing a terrible crisis, and the origin of this terrible crisis is the plan implemented by the government of Nicolas Maduro:it is a capitalist and brutally neoliberal package of measures"

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No Venezuala Today is Not Just a Copy of Chile 1973

Maduro tries to wear Allende's mantle, but Ariel Dorfman, a Chilean, writing in The Nation on Feb. 16 rejects his pretense and channels Salvador Allende from the grave and suggests a referendum


A Way Out? A Consulting Referendum

  • ​Democracy Now 2/22 Edgardo Landera  Click here

  • At the start of the month from Marea Socialista

"In first place and for now, stop the war! With a democratic alternative based on the popular sovereignty

This is why Marea Socialista raises the issue of a consulting referendum to decide the call for elections to legitimate the public powers. This seems to be the only possible proposal that has the potential of allowing the Venezuelan people to escape from the plans of the extremist belic lackeys of the pro-yankee opposition, and the equally belic Madurists, who are willing to sacrifice us to protect the rapine and the authoritarian regime of the bureaucracy or its new bourgeoisie."

from this Feb. 1 piece


On the U.S. site Solidarity an article talking about the failed Pink Tide in Latin America with a big section on Venezeula​


Venezuela has real troubles, not all of which are caused by the U.S.,  but for damn sure they won't get better with a U.S. sponsored coup and civil war.  

  • No U.S. Coup
  • Withdraw the Ambassador.  Don't Provoke a Reason for Invasion
  • Let Venezuelans Freely Decide Their Path Forward
  • Remember U.S. Politicians, a Tyrant at Home Wants War Abroad

Here's the view of Mexican activists as printed in International Viewpoint

and an audio: Did Socialism Fail in Venezuela?

Update January 28. 

We cannot whitewash the Maduro government whose mix of cronyism and corruption is staggering.

This piece on New Politics talks about Venezuela in October 2017 includes these sentences, "Madurism” is fundamentally based on the politico-military chieftainships of public administrations and enterprises, and on networks of currency, contraband and drug trafficking. To this must be added the support of a clientele of 10 to 15 per cent of the electorate, of which a minority deals the crumbs (from the oil rent) to the rest, provided that they stay in line."

The NYT claimed vote rigging in this article

Google Chrome will translate this January 24, 2018 article on an anarchist site that says in part, "The first thing that happened was that what the opinion polls expressed was confirmed on the street: The deep and broad popular rejection of Nicolás Maduro. Against him there were at least 60 multitudinous demonstrations throughout the country, not only in the capital cities but also in towns such as Altagracia de Orituco, Mucuchíes, Táriba and El Tigrito."

Bill Weinberg in 2017 about dissident Left in Venezuela "Is the problem really socialism?"

Weinberg in January of 2019 "Forgotten Voices in the Venezuela Crisis"

A very important piece,"The Hour of the Lackeys", January 28 on an anti-capitalist created by several Latin American groups

​Louis Proyect in 2007 about Chavez and his socialism

Why is Venezuela Spiraling Out of Control? - Gabirel Hetland, April 2017

Criticizing Maduro from the Left- Steven Ellner, May 2017

No Coup.  No Support for Maduro